Publishing History

(Titles marked O/P are no longer available for sale)

Natural History

Bushveld Trees 1993, 1996, 2000, 2005 O/P
Cats of Africa 1997 O/P
East of the Cape: Conserving Eden 2009 O/P
Ericas of South Africa 1992, 1995 O/P
Fynbos: South Africa's Unique Floral Kingdom 1995 (twice), 1998, 2000, 2003 O/P
Gasterias of South Africa 1994, 1995 O/P
Gladiolus in South Africa 1998 O/P
The Living Deserts of Southern Africa 1993, 1999, 2003 O/P
Namaqualand: A Succulent Desert 1999, 2002 O/P
Nesting Birds 1996 O/P
Sasol Proteas: A Field Guide to the Proteas of Southern Africa 1995 O/P
Sasol Proteas: A Field Guide to the Proteas of Southern Africa 2001 (new edition) O/P
Sasol Proteas: 'n Veldgids tot die Proteas van Suidelike Afrika 1996 O/P
The Southern African Plectranthus: The Art of turning Shade to Glade 2006 O/P
Spirit of the Bush 2000 O/P
Table Mountain: A Natural History 1999, 2002 O/P
Wild Flowers of Northern South Africa 1997 O/P

History, Culture & Art

Ardmore - We Are Because of Others 2012
Listening To Distant Thunder: The Art of Peter Clarke 2014
The Abundant Herds: A Celebration of the Nguni Cattle of the Zulu People 2003, 2004 (twice), 2005, 2007, 2008
African Basketry: Grassroots Art from Southern Africa 2006 O/P
Ardmore: An African Discover 1998, 2003 O/P
Art & Aspirations: The Randlords of South Africa and their Collections 2002 O/P
Artists & Illustrators of the Anglo-Boer War 1992 O/P
Cape Dutch Houses & Other Old Favourites (hardcover/softcover) 2000
Christo Coetzee: Paintings from London and Paris 1954-1964 2001 O/P
Cullinan Diamonds: Dreams & Discoveries 2004 O/P
Domestic Interiors at the Cape and In Batavia 2003 O/P
Groote Schuur: Great Granary to Stately Home 1996, 2002 O/P
Hannes Meiring: My Country in Line and Colour 2004 O/P
Into Kokerboom Country: Namaqualand's Jewish Pioneers 2004 O/P
The Life and Work of Charles Bell 1998 O/P
The Life and Work of Charles Michell 2006 O/P
The Life and Art of François Krige 2000 O/P
The Life and Work of Thomas Baines 1995, 1996, 2000 O/P
Lady Anne Barnard's Watercolours and Sketches: Glimpses of the Cape of Good Hope 2009 O/P
Meerlust: 300 Years of Hospitality 2003 O/P
Nomfanekiso: The Art of Gladys Mgudlandlu 2002 O/P
Paul du Toit: A Painter's Journey 2004 O/P
South African Botanical Art 2001 O/P
South East African Beadwork 2000 O/P
Surviving the Lens 2001 O/P
Victorian Life at the Cape 1870-1900 1992 O/P

Travel & Leisure

Cape Wines: Body & Soul 1997 O/P
Wines of South Africa: Exploring the Cape Winelands 2002 (new edition) O/P
Mailships of the Union-Castle Line 1994, 1999 O/P
A Portrait of Cape Town 1994, 1998 O/P
A Portrait of Cape Town 2003 (new edition) O/P

Titles published for Private Individuals, Companies & Institutions

An African Shopkeeper (the Susman Family) 2004, 2007 O/P
Apples of the Sun (Molteno Brothers Trust) 1999 O/P
The Boy in You: A Biography of St Andrew's College 1855-2005 (St Andrew's College) 2008 O/P
Ice Cold in Africa: The History of the Imperial Cold Storage & Supply Company Limited (Tiger Brands Limited) 2000 O/P
Imibala Children's Art Competition: Dogs (Imibala Trust) 2008 O/P
Irma Stern: A Feast for the Eye (Rembrandt van Rijn Art Foundation) 1995 O/P
Irma Stern: 'n Fees van Kleur (Kunsstigting Rembrandt van Rijn) 1995 O/P
Joe Jowell of Namaqualand (the Jowell family) 1994 O/P
My Times: The Memoirs of David Bloomberg (the Bloomberg family) 2007 O/P
Safmarine: 50 Years (Safmarine) 1996 O/P
Unicorn: Navigating New Frontiers (Unicorn Shipping) 2003 O/P
Die Wêreld van Jean Welz (Kunsstigting Rembrandt van Rijn) 1997 O/P
The World of Jean Welz (Rembrandt van Rijn Art Foundation) 1997 O/P