Lady Anne Barnard's Watercolours and Sketches: Glimpses of the Cape of Good Hope

A much deserved tribute to Lady Anne Barnard. The book includes her Panorama of Cape Town, reproduced in full colour as a foldout, measuring 1.2 meters long. Some 200 years after Lady Anne Barnard selected and bound up her sketches and watercolours, the entire series, is published for the first time in full colour. This unique volume is limited to 1000 copies.

Introduction by Nicolas Barker

Publication date: November 2009

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East of the Cape: Conserving Eden

A welcome addition to South African botanical literature. This lavishly illustrated book is written by the authors of the highly sought-after publications Fynbos: South Africa's Unique Floral Kingdom and Namaqualand: A Succulent Desert.

The story of East of the Cape: Conserving Eden is a story about nature and people. It takes place in a region located on the south-eastern coast of Africa where nature's diversity is manifest: rainforest, karoo, fynbos, grassland and savanna are juxtaposed in complex and intriguing ways. Aptly called Eden, this region is also home to thicket, a Lilliputian forest of great antiquity that harbours the ancient stock of many plant lineages found in southern Africa's contemporary ecosystems.

Eden is also home to a diversity of human cultures, each of which has left its mark on nature. From Earlier Stone Age some 160 000 years ago to the present day, the footprint of Eden's inhabitants has become progressively heavier. For the past 150 years, since the onset of South Africa's industrial age, a growing population and increasing demands on nature have ravaged Eden, especially its thicket. But just as people have been the cause of Eden's degradation, so too can they provide the solution. The authors Richard Cowling and Shirley Pierce also present a blueprint for conservation that seeks to engender a culture of managing natural resources wisely and safeguarding nature and its services for a sustainable Eden.

Text by Richard Cowling and Shirley Pierce

Publication date by November 2009

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